Permanent Jewelry

What is permanent jewelry?

We use 14k gold filled and sterling silver chains to customize your permanent jewelry experience.

We have a variety of dainty gold and silver chains to choose from upon your arrival. All permanent jewelry chains are USA-made and tarnish-free. We measure your wrist, ankle, neck, or finger for sizing to create custom jewelry that is made for you!

Golden Gals Permanent Jewelry is perfect for any special occasion. These dainty chains are a permanent reminder of a special bond, promise, commitment, or special celebration. You just found the new, boujee version of a friendship bracelet.  

How does it works?

You will check-in with one of the Golden Gals to go over the process. Here you will be asked to pick your favorite chains to design your welded jewelry. We will go over the aftercare process and a quality check to make sure your jewelry is welded and on safely. The price of the chains are based on the style and are per person.

How do I get permanent jewelry?

Book your appointment online to secure your spot. Appointments are strongly recommended but we do accept walk-ins (a wait may occur if you walk in). The welding and design process can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes per item you select. Please book one appointment per person for your party. The price of the chains are based on the style and are per person.

Once you arrive, you will be able to select from a multitude of chains and charms. The welding process takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes per item you select.

After you select your chains, get pampered by one of the gals and sit back and take in the whole experience. Golden Gals will measure your wrist and custom-make the jewelry to fit YOU.

It is important to note, although our jewelry is made to last, the chains are not indestructible. You have to take care of your jewelry once you leave. We have you sign off on a four-point inspection that the weld is secure, the chain is not broken, and the sizing is good. All permanent jewelry is final sale. This is a custom fit and service.

What styles of chain do you offer?

We offer a variety of gold and silver chain options. These options change day to day depending on what we sell out of as well as new options we get in. 

I have a business and would love to host you all? What do I do?
Visit our Host a Pop Up or House Party page for more info! 


How does permanent jewelry work?

The process is simple! Pick out a chain from our 14k gold filled or sterling silver options. Once you take a seat with one of the Golden Gals, the process takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes. We measure your wrist, finger, neck, or ankle for sizing. Finally, we weld a jump ring together and check for any breakage before you leave.

How do I make an appointment?

Booking an appoint is easy! Book an appointment through our website to schedule your permanent jewelry experience!

Do you accept walk ins?

We try to accommodate walk in appointments at our smaller events as much as possible, but we always recommend booking an appointment to guarantee your spot!

Can I add charms at a later date?

Absolutely! If you don't want to purchase a charm during your appointment, you're welcome to come back at any of our events and add a charm to your existing Golden Gals permanent piece!

What if I need to go get an MRI or have surgery?

If your doctor(s) require you to take off your permanent jewelry, simply cut the jewelry off at the jump ring* or contact us so we can do this for you. Once you are healed and ready to put your jewelry back on, bring your piece to our next event and we can re-weld it for you at no additional cost.

*Keep in mind..if your jewelry is cut in the middle of the chain, we will not be able to reattach it at a later date.

Is my permanent jewelry TSA approved?

You will not have any issues with your permanent jewelry when going through security.

Can I host a private event?

Yes! Booking a private event with Golden Gals is a fun, unique experience for everyone involved! Here's what to expect when you book an event with us:

  • an aesthetic atmosphere 
  • the full Golden Gals Permanent Jewelry experience 
  • a wide variety of chains & charms to choose from 
  • custom digital invite to send to friends and family

Go to our contact us page to book an event!


We ensure the welded jewelry is secure before you exit your appointment. However, just because Golden Gals Permanent Jewelry pieces are designed to last, it does not mean they're unbreakable. If you need to remove your permanent jewelry or it comes off for any reason, you're welcome to bring it in to rework it. 

All reworked jewelry has a $10-$20 service fee for small repairs. If your jewelry is not in its original form and has been neglected, a new piece will be needed to be purchased. If the chain needs to be reworked, it's at 1/2 the cost of the original price you paid. We can not make the chain longer once it is cut, so to lengthen the chain we would require a new chain.

Still need more info? Contact us!